Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is NPF a nonprofit?

Yes, NPF is a Federal 501(c)3 tax exempt organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Q. What programs does NPF support, and where?

NPF supports a number of small projects in several countries around the world. Specific details on the programs supported by NPF can be found on our “Programs” page.

Q. What percentage of funds go to programs?

All funding marked for programs goes to programs. NPF carries a separate budget line to cover overhead expenses and other costs. This latter budget line includes occasional overhead charges related to specific programs, usually 5-8% of a respective program’s budget.

Q. Can I propose a project for funding?

While you may propose a project for funding, NPF typically does not fund projects or programs that it does not already have engaged in an ongoing relationship.

Q. How can IĀ help?

Use the “contact us” form to tell us your ideas and how you think you can help. All queries are responded to by NPF staff.