General Activities

General Activities

The work of NPF sets an enduring template for engaged, respectful and sustainable research, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. We believe that our approach will produce measurable, meaningful models to improve health and well-being for under-served populations around the world.

In general, NPF programming activities:

(1) Explore, support, fund and promote individuals and programs that conduct evidence-based research into behavior-based approaches to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and to aid in addiction recovery.

(2) Issue Requests for Proposals to elicit research grant applications to be administered and supervised by NPF. To further NPF’s expertise, priority is directed to activities and research that

  • learn from and build upon indigenous knowledge and local culture;
  • recognize the role of community values, including spiritual and religious beliefs;
  • are cost-effective, feasible, and sustainable; and,
  • are innovative and creative beyond the standard or most common paradigms.

(3) Research additional approaches, ideas and programs that may have the potential to alleviate ill health, poverty and/or suffering in innovative and sustainable ways. NPF’s model engages local approaches, works with local populations, and shares knowledge locally and disseminates research globally.

(4)┬áPotentially direct and/or fund pilot development projects or provide other forms of assistance to small, innovative projects that could benefit from small injections of capital. The goal is creative solutions and initiatives that can quickly become locally sustained. Each pilot project would conform to NPF’s behavior-based approach and be closely supervised to ensure effectiveness and compliance with NPF’s purpose.

(5) NPF may consider grants for proposals that extend beyond AIDS prevention and addition recovery to other areas of health, well-being, and human development that can be improved and/or implemented through the Fund’s expertise and oversight.

The New Paradigm Fund complies with all U.S. Government requirements in distribution and oversight of funds to foreign-based entities, in particular OFAC and U.S. Treasury requirements, while maintaining a commitment to supporting indigenous work and cultural systems.