NPF has been able to achieve some meaningful accomplishments through its approach of using local personnel, resources, and cultural sensibilities to attain appropriate outcomes.

  • With NPF core support, southern Africa’s Ubuntu Institute increased its scope of work and grew its staff to nine employees. In 2013, Ubuntu was officially designated as a Status 3 local NGO, allowing it to receive indirect USAID grants, and non-US grants such as a recent $3 million award. NPF support allowed Ubuntu to take on project grants such as those from the Ford Foundation, without overhead allocation.
  • Further collaboration with the Ubuntu Institute involved an HIV/AIDS education program focused on sexual reproductive rights, risk behavior, multiple concurrent partnerships and male circumcision.
  • Development of Swaziland-based alcohol and substance abuse study evaluating treatment and counseling efforts with under-resourced populations.
  • Feasibility assessment, implementation, and evaluation of a program in Uganda designed to strengthen couple’s relationship satisfaction and to enhance fidelity.
  • Exploration of Africa-based and other collaborative funding opportunities.