Improving Couple Relationships

Assessing an Intervention to Improve Couple Relationships
Kawempe Division Community, Kampala, Uganda

Grant Period: 2014-2016

This project is an implementation and assessment of a program designed to strengthen couple’s satisfaction with their relationships.

The main aims are to: (1) demonstrate that an intervention can decrease prevailing practices of multiple, concurrent sexual partnerships, now understood to be perhaps the major driver of the “hyper-epidemics” of HIV in southern and East Africa; and (2) prove intervention impact by means of survey and qualitative evaluation research.

Efforts began with initial planning, curriculum development, contact with community leaders, and obtaining various approvals. In early 2015, the program moved into the implementation and research phase, which includes interviews and focus groups and the 6-month intervention.

The participation of couples early in the intervention phase, which exceeded both project goals and capacity, demonstrates the need and desire for programs of this nature.

The implementation phase should be complete in the fall of 2015, with research, analysis, reporting and dissemination continuing into early 2016.