Yakita Center

Providing a Working Model for 12-Step Programming as a Method for Recovery and Aftercare
Yakita Drug Addiction Treatment and Recover Center
Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Grant Period: 2014-2016

Indonesia estimates that over 4 million addicts are in the country, and a recent law allows addicts to go into some form of rehabilitation rather than prison. Twelve-step programs may be an ideal strategy, when carried out properly, to carry recovery into the country. This is due not only to their low cost and self-supporting nature, but also by providing a method of aftercare and relapse prevention in a particular community.

The Yakita Drug Recovery Center and its founders introduced the 12-step program to addicts in the country, and have tried to make the program accessible to local communities. The grant research aims to look into 12-step programming at the Yakita Recovery Center, such as barriers to true adoption and involvement while in drug recovery programs, as well as issues occurring after discharge from the Recovery Center.

Results of this study could be further used to develop a guideline to address the challenge of drug and alcohol addiction in non-Western cultural contexts, using the 12-step recovery approach favored in the United States. Questions to be explored include: How well does this approach work cross-culturally? Are there cultural or other barriers to recovery that need to be better understood and addressed, to achieve better and longer-lasting results?