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News Articles

Selected News Articles
in which NPF or its staff have been featured

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Winter 2012 Unconventional Wisdom (The Groton Quarterly)

5/31/11 Vatican AIDS conference focuses on need to change sexual behavior    (The Catholic Review)

5/31/11 West’s AIDS strategy a failure says new report (Catholic Herald Online)

5/30/11 Vatican maintains stance on condoms at HIV/AIDS Summit (PBS Newshour)

5/30/11 Change behavior, stop AIDS  (National Catholic Register)

9/15/09: Green Interview in  Ilsussidiaro AIDS: A Cultural Problem

7/15/09: A Jihad on the AIDS Mafia (Forbes Magazine)
Response: 7/31/09: Response to A Jihad on the AIDS Mafia (

4/21/09: The War on Condoms (The Alligator, Oxford University)

4/16/09: The Politics of Condoms (The Harvard Crimson)

3/31/09: HSPH Prof. Arouses Condom Controversy (The Harvard Crimson)

3/27/09: Harvard Aids expert says Pope ‘correct’ on condoms and spread of HIV (UK Times Online)

3/17/09: HIV/AIDS: The factors of biology and risky behavior (The Take Away, Public Radio International)

8/24/08: Battling old behaviour the new front in AIDS fight (Ottawa Citizen)

8/6/08: Call for targeted Aids prevention funding (Financial Times)

5/27/08: Battling AIDS in Africa with New Strategies (radio interview with Daniel Halperin on National Public Radio)

5/19/08: Some experts say money poured into fighting AIDS in Africa is going to waste (International Herald Tribune)

5/19/08: A Low-tech Way to Combat HIV/AIDS (Harvard Public Health Review)

5/19/08: Rethinking HIV prevention priorities (podcast interview with Daniel Halperin conducted by Harvard Public Health Review)

5/9/08: HIV funding priority shift call (BBC News)

5/9/08: Effort to control HIV in Africa ‘badly targeted’ (The Times Online)

3/27/08: The Snip that Could Save His Life (Globe and Mail)

1/18/08: AIDS Experts Wonder if Focus is Right (Associated Press)

12/16/07: ‘Best-Kept Secret’ for HIV-Free Africa (Washington Post)

11/21/07: U.N. AIDS Numbers (radio interview with Edward C. Green on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program The Current)

11/20/07: U.N. to Say it Overstated H.I.V. Cases by Millions (New York Times)

10/25/07: African AIDS Statistics Overblown, Experts Say  (

10/15/07: Only 60 Percent of Africa’s AIDS Patients Still Being Treated 2 Years Later, Report Says (Associated Press)

7/20/07: Western Medicine Doesn’t Have All the Answers (New Scientist)

7/19/07: Africa’s Medical Traditions Can Aid Foreign Donors (Wall Street Journal Online)

6/8/07: India Said to Play Down AIDS, Has Many Fewer with Virus Than Thought, Study Finds (New York Times)

5/14/07: The Spread of HIV in Africa [radio show] (Open Source)

3/29/07: W.H.O. Urges Circumcision to Reduce Spread of AIDS (New York Times)

2/23/07: Circumcision’s Anti-AIDS Effect Found Greater Than First Thought (New York Times)

12/14/06: H.I.V. Risk Halved by Circumcision, U.S. Agency Finds  (New York Times)

8/24/05: Is loveLife Making Them Love Life? (Mail & Guardian)

2/24/05: Study: Uganda AIDS Prevention Primarily Due to Condoms [radio interview with Maria Wawer and Edward C. Green]. (National Public Radio)

7/12/04:  CNN vs. ABC Debate. (XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, July 12, 2004. [transcript provided by])

6/22/03: UN Report Adds to a Condom Debate: HIV Failure Rate Found to Be 10% (Boston Globe)

2/13/02: Congressional Testimony. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.